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I had an accident where my jaw ended up being broken on New Years Eve. I stubbornly waited to go to the Emergency room until the next day around 3:30pm. After I got in and got the x-rays completed they found the jaw was in fact broken cleanly in half. As opposed to the PA calling the "on call" doctor in to take care of this ordeal immediately, I was given pain killers and the phone number on where to reach the doctor the next day. I thought that was very inattentive that they couldn't get me taken care of then or that evening but was a bit out of it. I walked out into the waiting room and my surprised girlfriend and I headed home. I called the next morning only to find out that not only was this doctor out of my network (had he performed it in the hospital it would have been) but doesn't take a lot of insurances. I then asked my health insurance provider to send me a list of "in network" oral surgeons. After a morning into early afternoon call session (yes with the jaw still broken) I had multiple offices on the list that didn't do the procedure I needed. What disturbed me more was there were multiple offices who said they were booked and couldn't get me in. I had one office tell me that they couldn't see me for 2 weeks (in an office an hour away from me) and that when I went in it would be a consultation only. Then they would set a date for the procedure afterword. I had given up and didn't know what to do. The next morning I realize I had left one stone unturned' The Institute of Oral and Facial Surgery. Upon calling them they immediately showed concern and asked if I could be in by 11am. I of course said absolutely. Doctor Patel had moved his schedule around for me realizing the severity of the issue. When I went in the staff was very supportive and friendly to say the least. My family and I were treated as if we had been their clients for years. I went in to the room and Doctor Patel not only took a look. There he was reworking his schedule again. He had me all wired up and set the same day. The process took only about 2 hours from beginning to end. The healing process had commenced immediately thanks to him. I could not have been more appreciative. Not only had I found a doctor that cared for his patient the way he did but a true perfectionist and a professional. I am now headed back for the removal of my wisdom teeth next month as is my significant other this month. You don't find places like this anymore and I would suggest using this office to anyone.

- Kenneth B

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