Patient Review

Dr. Patel is my oral surgeon. He did 4 surgeries on me in past 10 years: 1. Extraction of wisdom tooth-Involved strong complication with sinuses. There was a hole in gum that caused frequent infection over years. Dr. Patel used 3 layers to close it. After surgery, I had only 2 sinus infections in 9 years. 2.Molar implant- Local anesthesia was used. Surgery was painless and smooth. I never had an issue with implant after installation. 3.Abutment for implant- Once again, surgery went smooth. There was no pain during/after surgery. 4.Re-abutment for screwed crown- Outstanding surgery. Unfortunately, crown installed by general dentist (after previous abutment completed) fell off after 4+ years. I did not re-install crown in 5 years and gum tissue went thick. During re-abutment procedure, there was no pain with local shot, removal of excess gum tissue, and abutment procedure. Surgery took 7-10 minutes approximately. Altogether, being Dr. Patel’s patient for so many years,I can, doubtlessly, state that he is an outstanding, knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, and caring surgeon. In fact, I’d recommend him to anyone. It has been a pleasure to be in such good hands that genuinely heal patients with expertise and care for them. Thank you, Dr. Patel

- Farhanaz B

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