Patient Review

Patient Review To staff, managers, and potential new comers: I have known Gaynor (Mater Aesthetician) for over 14 years. Through ageing skin, travelers/female problematic skin, veins, and hair removal…Gaynor is your professional go-to person for everything!! The experience, dedication to excellence, and bedside manner is above all others, and no one does it better! I have had the honor of recommending several coworkers, and friends to seek out several skin procedures (by Gaynor), to include skin products used right on sight. Additionally, all the ladies at the front desk, have been most pleasant, friendly, helpful, and most of all patient with scheduling! A big thank you, as I do plan to sway all of you to work in my office. All kidding aside, the professionalism is just first class, all the time! It’s been said, the appearance of our skin says a lot about our health… and as a team, you get the job done right! Thank you so very much Gaynor and Office Staff for your support! Respectfully, Kristen K. Elfers, CGMP - Kristen E.

- Kristen E

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