Blepharoplasty: Correcting Droopy Eyes

The droopy eye effect is almost always the result of age and genetics. As we get older, skin all over the body begins to lose its elasticity, allowing it to sag. The eyelids are no exception. In fact, because the skin that covers your eyes is very thin, it is often the “first to go”. As elasticity goes, eyelid skin stretches, creating folds and often a heavy, droopy feeling over the eyes.

BlepharoplastyBelieve it or not, this process begins in our mid to late thirties. And it’s not just the upper eyelids. The under eye area is notorious for “bags”, which is really just fat pockets protruding through weakened muscles. The combination of these two conditions has a tendency to make us look tired, sleepy, and maybe even a little bit sad.

Luckily, the eyes can be re-awakened with blepharoplasty surgery, right here in our surgical center! Although the area surrounding the eyes will be swollen for several days after the surgery, the procedure itself is relatively simple. You will be sedated, but still awake and comfortable.

Alternatives to this traditional method include laser resurfacing and a transconjunctival approach, however the traditional blepharoplasty procedure tends to be a more comprehensive, long lasting approach. Give us a call so that we can help you decide which procedure is best for you at this time.

Don’t waste another moment looking tired. Let us help you revive your look today!