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Short Scar Facelift in Leesburg

The Short Scar Facelift is a new Development in Cosmetic Facelift Surgery.

In recent years, a new facelift procedure was developed called the short scar facelift. This facelift surgery reduces scarring, offers shorter recovery time, and eliminates the “overstretched” unnatural look.

The difference between this procedure and a full facelift is that this procedure will not correct the lower part of the face, such as sagging and loose areas under the chin or in the neck area.

However, it is excellent for those seeking rejuvenating effects of the upper face — eyes, cheek, nasolabial area, and even the jowls. This procedure can restore the youthful contours to the face.  It’s a fairly quick procedure taking about 2 hours and is usually done under light anesthesia.

The short-scar facelift (or mini facelift) repositions the dermis and internal soft tissue. It also helps reduce scaring, especially behind the ear — as caused by a traditional facelift. This is important factor for men and especially women who like to wear their hair up or off their neck.

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Sometimes the incision may be placed in the temporal hairline to reduce any scaring at the earlobe area…..this all depends upon the individual and their doctor’s suggestion.

Illustration of a woman's profile showing the typical hairline incision made for a face lift

Alternative Incision
Illustration of a woman's profile showing an alternative incision, short scar incision, for a face liftThe Advantages of a Short Scar Facelift
The advantages of the short scar facelift include less recovery time and a shorter scar; while still enjoying the benefits of a rejuvenated and younger looking you.  Doctor Moose and Doctor Patel are both well trained and experienced in the short scar facelift.  Call us now for your complimentary consultation. 



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